LIFTING AND MOVING STRAPS OF FURNITURE – These products are ideal for moving, carrying, and lifting furniture, and many other items around the home or workshop.

It is especially great for carrying office partitions, hot tubs, safes, furniture, cast iron bath tubs, lockers, mattresses, desks, appliances, woodworking machines, HVAC units etc. Saves floors from dents, scratches, scrapes, and scuffs that dollies and hand trucks leave behind. It reduces back injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting.

Chef's Knife & Sharpener Rod

AER PRODUCTS Classic Chefs Kit - 8 inch Knife with Manual Sharpening - Honing Tool.  Easy to Slice Meat, Vegetable, Fish Fillet, Sushi,...

A quality knife is the most important element of any kitchen - A major benefit of our Knife & Sharpener set is the accurate workmanship and selection of the best materials.

For those who like cooking - A reliable knife that will not let you down. A great gift set, as well as a knife, you get a good quality sharpener tool and all packed in a beautiful box. You will be looking forward to start cooking.